• Custom wiring and cabling with terminals and connectors (Deutch, JAE, Hirose, Molex, AMP, LEMO, Sauriou …)
  • Inner molding and outer molding cable with connectors and PCBA
  • Waterproof D-SUB, RJ45 connectors and cables
  • Electromechanical harnesses with industrial connectors, hermetically-sealed
  • Crimping, molding strain relief, inner molding, outer molding


  • Category 6A, 6, 5E, 3
  • Industrial ethernet
  • High quality
  • Can withstand harsh conditions


  • MIL-SPEC cables
  • High quality
  • Application specific treatment
  • MIL-C-26482 military standard (GJB598A-1996)


  • USB 2.0 & 3.0
  • USB-C Adapter
  • USB mobile device
  • USB data transfer
  • USB hubs


  • C2G HDMI
  • Plenum HDMI
  • High-speed HDMI
  • Mini and micro HDMI

AM/AT screw locking circular connectors

  • Connectors of M5 to M23 with selective code in metal body, shield and non-shield type
  • Both M22 TO M58 plastic
  • Multiple solutions such as molding type, panel mount type, field wirable assembly type
  • PCB, Solder, screw, crimp termination
  • Customized solution available

CL/CT push-pull self-locking circular connectors

  • Push-pull quick self-locking system
  • PCB, solder, screw, crimp termination
  • Selective shell size/type with straight/angled configuration
  • Metallic and plastic solutions

BS/BI/BT bayonet coupling circular connectors

  • MIL-C-26482 military standard (GJB598A-1996)
  • Bayonet coupling system for quick connect/disconnect in metal/plastic body
  • Optional shell styles and contact arrangements, single pole for high voltage solutions
  • PCB, crimp, and solder termination
  • Multiple back shell sealing accessories for waterproof solutions

Modular rectangular connectors

  • Reliable, high-current density interconnects using crown band contact technology
  • Modular design and wide range of contact inserts
  • High flexibility with free combination of contact inserts
  • Can combine AC/DC power, signal and logic into single interconnect

Pneumatic connectors

  • Designed for medical devices in air/water transmission