Our Products


Powered air purifying respirators, Face shields, Goggles, Protective gowns, Facial masks

Battery Products

All of our battery types can be made custom to your specs.

Medical Products

Coiled Cables, Wheels, Plug Adapters, Battery BackUp, Key Pad, LCD Readouts, Cords and More

Automotive Products

All Products Automotive for Cars, Light Trucks, Fleets & Recreational Vehicles.

Wiring Harness & Cable Assemblies

High quality Wiring Harness and Cable Assemblies

Industrial Manufacturing

Extrusion is defined as the process of shaping material.

Lighting Products

GO Green, GO LED.

Sound Equipment

Speakers, Amplifier, Transformer, Potentiometer, Lighting, Plastic Enclosure

Security Products

Camera, Locks, Antennas, Laser security controls, LED, Power supplies, Cords and more

Fittings & Fasteners Products

Industrial Fittings, Valves, Hardware & Fasteners with RoHS

Promotional Products

Customized with your Logo!