From an Idea to your door


  • Whether the item is a component or a turn key product WCU can help you find the best overseas factory to make your products.
  • We can take your drawings and source an equivalent per your spec.
  • Always providing first article samples and complete inspection report to ensure production quality.
  • With our factory engineering partners we can take your idea and turn it into a market ready product.
  • We are your total solution; we can brand, package, and even drop ship for you!

  • Our Sourcing specialists work with your purchasing or engineering team to discuss product development, cost reduction, and problem solving.
  • We will work with your production schedule to ensure we provide plenty of lead time for the factory and deliver on time.
  • We understand some months you may increase production and need stock sooner, our sales staff is ready to update your release schedule as needed.

  • We believe the most difficult part for a small business looking to source Globally is not knowing where to start and who to trust; not to mention the additional stress it puts on to running a business.
  • Wonik’s Sourcing specialist team understands this and will take care of all the communication to streamline the process and to make sure all requests are handled  with great detail.
  • Our Sourcing specialists have been continually building perpetual relationships throughout China, Taiwan, S. Korea and the rest of Asia since 1957. These long-standing relationships combined with our Total Sourcing Solution make Wonik USA the leading partner for your ^ global sourcing needs.
  • We offer a wide variety of disciplines with our 7 sourcing agencies and 13 offices throughout Asia. we have many highly skilled manufactures in our network to serve your industry. With our own auditing team in China, we have the ability to provide ONLY high quality manufactures.

  • Many clients come to us with only an idea or a sample they need modified to their specs. We have a team in place to help create the schematics and blueprints to match the specs the customer desires.
  • Our Sourcing Specialists will take these specs and contact multiple manufactures in their category to leverage the best price and quality.
  • We expedite all samples from the manufacture to save time and get the product to you quicker!
  • Our sourcing specialists handle all production coordination direct with our partners throughout Asia.
  • Our partners offer production monitoring in which they implement instantaneous and well organized corrective action plans in order to make sure the production process respects quality, cost, and lead-time.

  • Our sourcing specialist realize quality is the most important and that is why we have taken many steps to ensure the highest quality products.
  • All of our qualified factories are visited by our Independent qc staff that allows us to have an unbiased Eye on the floor during your production.
    • Pre-production check- high quality raw materials
    • During production check- Already produces; visual, size, function check
    • Pre-shipment check- workmanship and packaging check
    • Internal warehouse check- unloading and random selection check

  • We understand that finding the most reliable Freight forwarders and clearing customs can be the most stressful, daunting, task when importing. Our Total Sourcing Solution elevates all the hassle from you and your company by monitoring the shipment for you.
  • We have negotiated the best freight pricing with the largest, best in class, freight forwarder that service us from door to door. We are able to track your shipment no matter where it is in the world! We also handle all customs in house with our experienced H.S. Tariff Coder to ensure there is no missed paperwork and everything arrives on time!

  • Headquartered just outside Chicago, WONIK Corporation USA operates from its Large office/warehouse Facility. This gives us a centrally located distribution point for ground, rail, and air shipments! We also offer our customers warehousing space at our facility and net 30 terms! This is all apart of our Total Sourcing Solution.