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Our Solution

Our Total Sourcing Solution is our way of saying that we do more than just OEM sourcing.

Personal Protective Equipment

Powered air purifying respirators, Face shields, Goggles, Protective gowns, Facial masks

Battery Products

All of our battery types can be made custom to your specs.

Medical Components

Coiled Cables, Wheels, Plug Adapters, Battery BackUp, Key Pad, LCD Readouts, Cords and More

Automotive Products

All Products Automotive for Cars, Light Trucks, Fleets & Recreational Vehicles.

Wiring Harness & Cable Assemblies

High quality Wiring Harness and Cable Assemblies

Industrial Manufacturing

Extrusion is defined as the process of shaping material.

Lighting Products

From Florescent tubes to LED’s

Sound Equipment

Speakers, Amplifier, Transformer, Potentiometer, Lighting, Epdm Gasket, Plastic Enclosure

Security Products

Camera, Locks, Antennas, Laser security controls, LED, Power supplies, Cords and more

Fittings & Fasteners

Industrial Fittings, Valves, Hardware & Fasteners with RoHS

Promotional Products

Customized with your Logo!

Total Global Sourcing Solution

Our Process: From an Idea to your door

Design & Planning

We can take your drawings and source an equivalent per your spec, and work with your team to discuss product development, cost reduction, and problem solving.


We believe the most difficult part for a small business looking to source globally is not knowing where to start and who to trust; not to mention the additional stress it puts on running a business.


Many clients come to us with only an idea or a sample that they need modified to their specs. We help the client transform their idea into a workable drawing that propels the product to market.

Quality Control

Our Sourcing Specialists realize quality is most important to our clients and that is why we have taken many steps to ensure the highest quality products are manufactured.


We understand that finding the most reliable Freight Forwarder and clearing customs can be a stressful and duanting task when importing. Our clients can rely on Wonik’s years of expertise to handle all aspects of importing.


Centerally located, just outside Chicago, WONIK Corporation USA operates from its large office and warehouse facility.